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Title: Unban Request
Post by: Slayer.797` on October 28, 2019, 12:14:09 PM
- Account Name: Slayer.797

- Account ID: 7088

- Ban Reason: constant usage of aimbot

- Motivation: Greetings to all staff team, I know this is not my first time making this request I made it alot of times before but none listened to me always my applications was getting denied, Honestly before I didn't use any kind of cheats "Aimbot" I think almost of you knows that I'm an old player here also I'm aware for every single rule here, I know what kind of things that I should use or not and as you can see my total score, playtime score shows that I got alot of time being active / online on this server, At this time when I got a ban from the server on this time "/bstats" was bugged and I think alot of admins knows this as well, I really didn't use anything to get this kind of punishment (Server ban) I'm known as a pro player of sawn off shotgun and nothing will make me think to use aimbot or any cheat to get advantage on another players as I'm pro already with this weapon and I don't need the usage of aim assisting / files / artificial aiming scripts / modification any type of aim enhancing modification, on the last unban requests I was always getting the same reply every time (Denied) I don't know really where's my reason for not getting a chance as I got a ban for something I didn't do and it's out of my responsibility, I always care about server rule and I didn't even try to break it, Also you are going to see that I said that I used (Aimbot) but I really didn't even use it for even 1 time .. I said all of this to get a chance as none wants to give me a chance and none wants to believe me, I didn't even get a (Gamemode ban) for this reason before or any reason not only aimbot, I want you to understand that I didn't make anything wrong to get all of this denied, I kept trying to back but none wanted to give me a chance to listen to me, I hope that you can understand me this time really since I don't have anything to say more than this, you can give me a chance and always spectating me and checking me on every time, I just want a chance to prove that I'm a clean player and never thought to use any kind of this cheats.

Sorry for wasting your time, thanks for reading.
Title: Re: Unban Request
Post by: Flaku. on November 03, 2019, 08:58:58 PM
Hello slayer. I see that you evaded many times your ban, why have we have  to trust you? Why did you wait all this time to post an unban request?
Title: Re: Unban Request
Post by: Slayer.797` on November 04, 2019, 03:51:20 AM
Hello Flaku,

First thank your for your respond, about evading my ban as I told that I'm a clean player I always wanted to get a chance but none gave me a chance to talk before and as you can see I made alot of unban requests till I gave up, I evaded my ban before because I wanted to play UIF since It's my best and only server I'm playing on it, I was afraid from getting forum ban, It was a bug on the bstats at this time and I got punishment for something I really didn't think for a 1 time to use it, I swear to god that I really didn't use that (Aimbot) for 1 time, about that time I took to make unban request so as I told you I made alot of unban requests but always end with (Denied) so I didn't want to get ban on forum as well ...

"Why have we have to trust you?" First I didn't use (Aimbot) before but I can promise you that if I got a one chance only one more chance you won't see anything wrong from me, I'm ready to make anything to prove that I'm a clean player from the first, I really want the fair playing and I won't use anything to get more advantage on other players, I think also this is my last chance to talk and be honest with you so I'm not lying or trying to be the victim but this is really what happened with me before.
Title: Re: Unban Request
Post by: Flaku. on November 04, 2019, 09:21:25 AM