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Title: Unban Request [lewdjoo]
Post by: lewdjoo on October 29, 2019, 05:56:32 PM
- Account Name: [MM]lewdjoo

- Account ID: 2962929

- Ban Reason: Defaming the server.

- Motivation:

The last time I was connected on UIF was today 14:20 PM, talking to my friend FinnBalor about when I am going to connect next time.
As soon as I came back home, I got this:
Now I partly understand what happened : Someone with the same IP address connected and -defamed- UIF, which led to the ban of my IP address as well.
Now, with your allowance, I'd just change my IP address, but theres a problem : I cannot restart my router because it would lead to ruining my house connection
(I have WRE - WiFi Range Extender which extends connection to my whole house, if I restart my router, I wont be able to hit the same IP channel as the last time, which would lead to losing
half of my house's internet connection).
I did nothing wrong, I would never defame UIF and I like the server, I play everyday. If there is a way I can get my IP unbanned somehow, that would be nice, because I did nothing wrong and I cannot change my IP anyhow.
Thank you in advance!

PS: I was given an advice to attempt connecting using VPN to check if my IP or my account is banned, and I could login to my account. I am positive that my IP is banned.
Title: Re: Unban Request [lewdjoo]
Post by: lewdjoo on October 30, 2019, 06:02:47 PM
UPDATE : I tried logging in back and this is what I got
Somehow, now I got banned for advertising, even tho I wasnt even able to join the server.
I hope everything settles down and I get to play again. Thanks again in advance!
Title: Re: Unban Request [lewdjoo]
Post by: lewdjoo on October 31, 2019, 01:59:10 PM
Fixed. Lock the topic.