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Title: Unban
Post by: SorryForCheating on October 30, 2019, 11:18:48 PM
- Account Name: SorryForCheating

- Account ID: 3163006

- Ban Reason: Aimbot (.HemlocK.)

- Motivation: Hello. Sorry, you do not have a “Report to the Administration” section on the forum, and writing to personal messages of the Main Administration is either not possible or completely pointless.
Admin - .HemlocK. sent me to the ban in DeatMatch mode, for the evidence sent me to the fuck ...
He said that I will see the video after the Chief Admins see it. So, here I am, I would like to see where I "use aimbot" there. Naturally, I deny guilt.
You can also understand it, not yet experienced in such matters or even a friend of the creator. Perhaps he was scared of my nickname and decided to immediately punish, even without reason. Please understand and continue to teach the administration how to work. Thank.
Title: Re: Unban
Post by: Kylie on October 30, 2019, 11:53:15 PM
This section on the forum is related for server bans, not in-game temporary punishments.

If you face issues with an administrator and you have proofs, then contact a Senior Admin or up. You can contact us on discord directly and explain everything in detail. (My discord is Kylie#9669)