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Post by: Fradlyy. on November 02, 2019, 03:45:38 PM
- Account Name: [Fl4sH]HHVF

- Account ID: 3023673

- Ban Reason: Constantly insulting admins and disrespect.

- Motivation: I had a conflict with player who was annoying and insutling me, first i dunno him and since i noticed he doing that all the time i insulted him too, suddenly ustra(an admin) connect to our conversation like “how im kid im 23yo” i never said this to him lol, i avoided him because simple i wasnt talking wiht him. Minutes after that he muted me for 5minutes because of insulting him i was like tf i did.... during mute he was provoking me and i was angry because of muting me without reason and provoking too, after mute i asked him why he muted me he avoid to answer, i insulted him on purpose and he muted me for 15minutes i get more angry.. after that admin rowan asked me whats wrong i explained everything, tbh he doesnt gave an attention.... that the truth this was long time ago.. im posting this unban req just because of my acc im wont apologize in any case all i want is my account back and less provoking thanks!
Post by: Rowan on November 03, 2019, 06:11:50 PM
There are better ways of dealing with unwarranted punishments, like contacting any senior admin.

I hope you have learned your lesson and understood that your lack of respect and complete disregard for authority will not be tolerated here. I do not want to see any abusive behaviour from you, ever.

You have been unbanned.