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Author Topic: unnban  (Read 573 times)

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« on: December 27, 2019, 09:12:35 am »

- Account Name: .Cronos

- Account ID: 2423111

- Ban Reason: Hostility towards the server owner and admins

- Motivation: I would not like to dissipate at anyone's time by arbitrarily wandering off like the simpleton explaining and/or proving nothing. The whole ensemble compact of authenticity is having a staff realize that you've changed and you deserve another chance and for that; shall the interrogation demand as to (I): why are you banned, (II): why you deserve to be unbanned/for what, (III): repeat offenderódepleting possibility; towards which I've already catered towards in Hostile Declassification board and people in charge can check.

Posting comment "Unprofessional" in GX/XF vs UIF topic and then going on to sprout conspiracy theories, being snide towards the server and its staff/normal members

- I realized at a certain point what I did was wrong and had my Discord account removed and removed my involvement from any UIF community, good/bad.

- I no longer contend towards statements that are disconcerting to UIF neither the ones which support it, simply cause I don't play here anymore so if not supporting it, I will neither be unsupportive of any decisions taken. I choose to hold back on any political opinions and/or opposing behaviors/acts and choose not to participate in any contentious agenda carried out by hostile parties. I have no interest in UIF politics.

-I no longer play on this server and is an infrequent visitor to this server. While my IG & Forum accounts are still crucial to be out of any form or restriction and in plain possession. I would not like to end up with a dent, being an INACTIVE BANNED account.

-I cannot divulge the fact of me, being changed, deeming by my own judgement. You people are there to see that. You can unban my forum account or go further by banning my now (unofficially unbanned) account.

Yes I am a repeat offender
- 12 November 2017 - Causing community outrage and opposing Europe in Mike&Sigfrido comment (banned)
- Unknowingly framing Mino into multiaccounting by bot-spamming nM's leader poll. (Motive wasn't to frame but to show how an entire herd can cause imbalance to a cause)
- requesting unban in 2018 February which led to ultimate denial due to ban evading as I was playing with alt tmp account and at that very moment or from a certain timeline, ban evading was disallowed, me being unaware of that, after that, I lauded sarcastic remarks and disrespects upon Rambo who was at the time HA.
(unbanned by Azureus)
- Rebanned in August 2018 for calling out "Unprofessional" on XF, GF VS UIF topic
- Thereby going further to reclaim my stupidity by sprouting conspiracy theories and foul utterance in a post rendered picture.

Also the ban logs have cleared which led to my account being unbanned IG and I've played 2 days, IDK if this is ban evading, I tried asking admins and they said noone will be rebanned but on several specific individuals, decisions will be reinforced.

-have a good daty

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Re: unnban
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2019, 09:21:46 am »

and yes answering the question of me applying late after removal of declass board, i had forgotten for a while that i had posted a unban req after coming back like 2 months ago the board was removed, for a brief time putting me into belief of me being denied and ended up later asking cuck classic about the board i haven't logged into that discord account since then cause dont know its pass then i read terror's unban request and he said they require us to post here so

btw i wanted to keep the post short sry about that
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Re: unnban
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2020, 03:34:35 am »


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