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Title: Luciana. Unban Appeal
Post by: Luciana. on November 03, 2019, 06:34:39 AM
- Account Name: Luciana.

- Account ID:3092275

- Ban Reason: Organized score farm in CNR

- Motivation:
                  First of all, I have been banned again for CNR score farming, which that is pretty huge mistake and such a dumb move. I know I've promised admin I won't do score farm anymore. Last week, I'm not playing CNR as usual that I've been killing tons of cop playing and stay around the PD, I realized a sec that I don't want to get banned as my first ban, So I felt regret of killing those cops so I decided to stop and asked an admin named Antonio, " Hey Anto, things I just did, is it a score farm?" and he said, "Are you killing the same person?", then I said, " Kinda, but I kill other cops too, is it a farm? then he replied like, "I don't think so, If you are killing the pro cops, guess you're a pro". So I continued my kill more like 2 or 3 cops then I went offline. A day or 2 days later, Ugh. I've been banned. I'm not even asking someone else for a scorefarm.

So this is my explanation, I know I've did the same thing again that I promised not to do, I hope admins could understand this. May I have a chance for the really last time? Please..
Title: Re: Luciana. Unban Appeal
Post by: Kylie on November 04, 2019, 11:58:38 AM
Apparently this is your second ban for the same and exact reason - http://forum.uifserver.net/index.php?topic=153430 - and this time you went off limits.
In your motivation you forgot something important to say, which is that you were teaming up with a cop who was helping you with tickets & bribes, so you could reset your stars and get more score.

I believe you need more time to reflect on your mistakes & be fully honest next time, therefore this unban request has been denied. You may post another unban request no sooner than 15/11/2019.