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Author Topic: UIF Donate for Admin (Price: € 50)  (Read 68628 times)

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UIF Donate for Admin (Price: € 50)
« on: March 13, 2016, 05:28:24 PM »

UIF Donate for Admin

Click on the link below to donate for Admin status!

What is the price?

€ 50

- We appreciate your donation, which 100% goes to funding the costs of running the UIF services, including the SA-MP server, this website and SA-MP server listing fees.

What are the features?

- You are appointed as admin level 1, which gives access to basic admin commands to first make you familiar with the UIF admin system.

- You can then achieve higher levels up to level 3 based on Management’s observation of your performance. Once you are level 3, you will be eligible to systematically request for promotion to a higher level (4), as the admin policy currently offers promotion to the said level, after a few months interval since your last promotion. With every higher level, you get access to more admin commands, like the ability to mute, kick, ban, disarm, jail players, and so on. In case of vacancies, you can also be eligible for promotion to level 5 (Senior Admin), which is the most senior level normal admins can achieve.

- You are treated like a "normal" admin. You are an official member of the staff team, with all commands, privileges and powers admins have. You are also subject to the admin policy at any time. Of course it's common sense you have to follow the basic admin policy procedures when using your admin commands. This ensures the freedom and safety of all admins and players, including yourself. You do not have to worry about demotion if you are a fair and reasonable person. If you do not misbehave, and do not abuse your power, you will most likely never be demoted.

Who can donate for admin?


1. If an admin gets demoted by the Management team and makes donation to rejoin the staff, this admin will be demoted as soon as the Management team finds out. A previously demoted admin can only donate after obtaining written permission from the Chief of Staff (send email to azureusuif@gmail.com) beforehand, otherwise the donation will be lost.

2. If you're banned you cannot make a donation unless you have obtained written permission from the Chief of Staff (send email to azureusuif@gmail.com) beforehand, otherwise your donation will be lost.

How does it work?

- To get your admin status, including access to the private Admin Forum and your Admin Title on this website, you need to send a forum message or a Discord Direct Message to Chief of Staff Azureus (@Azureus#1169) containing your account ID and forum name. Please have some patience, as your donation will then be manually verified. This process could take up to, but not limited to, 72 hours.

Do you have any questions or offers? Please contact Azureus on Discord.
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