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Author Topic: Guidance with your unban request [31/07/2018]  (Read 16909 times)

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Guidance with your unban request [31/07/2018]
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:05:44 AM »

Dear UIF community and members that are requesting an unban.

When posting an unban request on this board, you will need to be able to explain the reason for your ban. When you get banned from the server a dialog box will appear in the center of your screen, which will consist of important information, such as your Account ID, Ban reason and Account Name.

This is the new and updated format which everyone should follow when posting an unban request. The required information is important and a necessity for when processing unban requests. This topic will help you provide the information you need to know when creating your unban request topic. So, please do ensure you read this topic thoroughly.

Please remember to follow and use the updated/correct unban request format, which is shown below:

Code: [Select]
- Account Name:

- Account ID:

- Ban Reason:

- Motivation:

Senior Admin staff members manage and process unban request topics. Please be patient and you should receive a response as soon as possible. You may choose to contact them, if you wish to speak to them about your ban/unban request.

- Motivation tips and guidance

When creating a motivation, you must think about the quality of the information you're giving to us. There are a lot of things we look for in a motivation and one important thing I'd like to particularly point out is the honesty given to us. If you be honest with us, we will be fair with you and at the end of the day I'm sure everyone that posts a unban request would like to be given a chance and so a good place to start is by being honest in what you tell us.

As you are creating a motivation, you need talk about a lot of things. It's not necessarily just about convincing us to give you another chance. Read the points carefully mentioned below and ask yourself if you've included what is stated.

> Have you explained the events that lead up to your ban?
> Did you tell us what you did at the time you got banned from the server?
> Does your ban reason make sense with what you did at the time you got banned?
> Are you being honest with what you have stated in your motivation?
> Is your motivation in depth and contains a good quality of information and details of what you've provided.

Remember to make sure your motivation is created with your own words and has not been copied from someone else, also please refrain from creating multiple topics in the unban request board. Doing either of these makes you liable for having your unban request denied and if you  decide to head in the direction of spamming on this board,  then you may also end up receiving a temporary forum ban.

When posting an unban request topic, you are responsible for your account, so no one else is permitted to post a topic on your behalf. It is important the person that is banned from the server posts his/her request themselves, as we are not able to enquire about it to someone that isn't aware of why that person is banned or things like that, because they are simply doing the other person a favor.

It is important that you provide the information required in your unban request topic. Failure to provide any information requested, may lead to further enquiries and possibly even denial of your unban request, which may depend on the situation as well.

The decision of an unban request is based on multiple factors, such as what is provided by the player requesting an unban. Please remember that if your unban request has been denied for whatever reason, you must avoid posting any further as this may lead to you receiving a forum ban.

If you are someone that is banned from UIF and wanting to take the donation route, you must ensure that you are not on the permanently banned or considered hostile to UIF. If you are someone that is considered one of these two things, you must NOT donate for a unban without obtaining permission, otherwise you will lose your donation, if you fail to obtain permission first. This also does apply to the admin donation. There is more information about the donation on the actual topic itself:


- Being banned from the server now requires you to provide your "Ban Reason", instead of the "Image of the ban dialog box". Please ensure you include this when posting your request.

- Senior Admins are in charge of handling and managing almost all situations of unban request topics, however some intervention may be necessary by higher level staff, if it's necessary for them to do so.
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