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Author Topic: Seamless Gate - General Information  (Read 3523 times)

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Seamless Gate - General Information
« on: March 17, 2020, 08:06:35 PM »

Seamless Gate is a sophisticated deathmatch clan that is primarily focused on collaboration and teamwork. Its ultimate aim is to become a dominant force that can climb the ranking table and rival other robust UIF groups. While Seamless Gate is focused on deathmatch, primarily group wars, it is also a clan that maintains a strong social society for its members. SG primarily focuses on gathering the most competent of players. Quantity is not of importance.

Seamless Gate was founded by Astra on 15/02/2020.

Most SG group rules only require common sense to understand. Although Seamless Gate tries to maintain freedom of members as much as possible, boundaries are inevitable in order to maintain order. Seamless Gate's rules apply to each and every member and failure to abide by them will result in punishment.

1. Follow all UIF server & forum rules – It is the duty of all Seamless Gate members to ensure they abide by the rules set out by UIF management. Breaching UIF rules is equivalent to breaching SG rules.
2. Avoid using hacks, cheats and unreasonable modifications – Seamless Gate is a group that promotes fair gameplay. Hack, cheats and/or modifications that give players advantages over others is strongly forbidden.
3. Cooperate in wars – Seamless Gate, as mentioned previously, is a deathmatch group. Therefore, full cooperation within wars is an obligation of all group members.
4. Do not ask for promotions – Ranks will be assigned to the deserving members as per the observations of the Management of the group.
5. English first – In order to maximise interaction between group members, it is a priority for all members to speak in English.
6. Respect fellow teammates – Despite levels, SG members are all part of one group. Toleration of each other is a priority.
7. One account only – Multiple accounts in the group is strictly disallowed.
8. Do not insult opponents – Show some decency to opponents in group wars.

Group policy must be followed by all group members, including leaders and co-leaders.

✦ When inactivity exceeds 30 days without prior notice, it will result in a demotion to Munifex for anyone below Evocati. While for Evocati, it is 7 days,
with a demotion by one level being the alternate punishment.

✦ When inactivity exceeds 60 days without prior notice, it will result in a kick.
✦ Former members when invited, receive one rank lower than the last assigned rank before departing.
✦ Former members might receive the old rank back if deemed appropriate by the Exarchs.
✦ Votes in applications must be majority positive for applications to be accepted. Neutral votes are disallowed; if you cannot decide, do not vote.
✦ Ranks cannot be skipped. Meaning, members will advance step by step into higher ranks when deemed appropriate by the Leaders.
✦ Applicants must wait at least one week before applying again otherwise their application must be automatically denied.
✦ There can only be three Exarchs, three Praetors and three Justicars.
✦ Official members are not allowed to attack SG via secondary accounts in other groups.
✦ Promotions will be managed by Justicar+
✦ Reports will be managed by Praetor+
✦ Group unbans will be managed by Exarch+

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