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Author Topic: UIF Island Competition (update: 29/06/2020)  (Read 2623 times)

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UIF Island Competition (update: 29/06/2020)
« on: March 27, 2020, 08:41:47 PM »

We have decided to provide players with a ground to showcase their islands to other members of the community and maybe even be rewarded for the efforts you have put into your island, depending on how well it is built. For that reason, a competition to select top three islands will be held every month.

General Information

- There is no limit on the number of competitors who can participate in the competition
- There will be a different theme for building every month
- You can claim an island with a secondary account and build as per the given theme if you don't wish to scrap what you have already built on your island
- Participants are allowed to employ builders to help them build, but only the owner of the island will be entitled for the reward, unless they wish to transfer it to someone else
- Other players can post their comments on the submitted islands

Rules and Requirements for Participation

- Only the owner of the island can submit their application
- You must follow the given theme for the month, not doing so will result in immediate disqualification
- You cannot claim others' islands as your own and participate in the competition
- Follow the application format given in this topic
- Once you have submitted your application, you are not allowed to add/remove anything from your island and re-upload the images
- Participating in the competition with more than one island is not allowed


- In order to participate, players must use the application format below and post a topic in the child board for the respective month
- There should be at least 5 screenshots of your island in your application or a video with at least 1 minute length showcasing your island
Application format:

- Username:
- Account ID:
- Island number:
- Screenshot of your in-game /settings:
- Builders (if any, optional):
- Suggested /time and /weather (optional):
- Island screenshots/video:

Island Review Process

- Submissions are usually closed and review process starts 25th of each month (can be subject to change as per the host's discretion)
- Submitted islands are reviewed and visited in-game by the Senior Admin+ team
- Three islands out of the submitted islands will selected as winners
- Results of the competition are announced the first date of next month
* Do not request information about your application from SA+ team in any way possible, such requests will be ignored and will result in your application getting disqualified

About how we determine the winners. We have developed a scoring system that each person will follow when voting on an island. We are looking for (i)Originality, (ii)Beauty, (iii)Design, and (iv)Use of Space. Each category will be assigned a point value. The sum of all point value from the 4 categories determines your final score.


- The three winners will be rewarded VIP status for a month each
- Winners can transfer the reward (VIP for a month) to any other player of their choice if they so wish to
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