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Author Topic: ⓘ The Crazy Family | General Informations  (Read 1052 times)

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ⓘ The Crazy Family | General Informations
« on: October 06, 2020, 04:34:55 PM »

The Supreme Gentlemen: to tell The Crazy Family's history, we have to go back a few years: 2012, B82.

'ViniBR', who had passed through clans like MWR, JG and "Comando", decided to create his own brazilian clan, called 'Legião'. This was his first attempt to lead his own clan. Without having any lag shot skills, he would start to invite everyone that stepped on his side. He then met a player called Dovahkiin, who became the first co-leader of the group. At that time, Legião, reached Group Top with 12k Group Score. Even though this was an impressive result for him at that time, there was something lacking, and that was the war power.

With limited power, he then accepted the invitation to join another brazilian clan that was the merge between two brazilian clans: Legião and Comando. And It became Blackout. This clan had memorable players, such as MateuS, Android, Troy, VanHallen, ViniBR, who became .Vennox., and others. Under this new outlook, they had war power, but some conflicts between themselves emerged due to divided opinions and distinct leadership perspectives.

After several management problems, .Vennox., who changed his name to Chronus, started a new project where there would exist a new brazilian clan with strict rules and war-focused approach. With the help of Dovahkiin (Rick) and MateuS, a new clan was born with a well-defined focus: Find and train our own brazilian members from zero. And we would not depend on existing top DM-ers. We would create our loyal and unique powerful force, then we become 'Crazy Family'.

Little by little, we started winning wars against well-established clans and started being recognized for it. Many players joined us along the way and, as a result of their dedication within this "school", some even reached admin status. A few examples are: Chronus, Dennis, Pegasus, Mateus, HoruS and Mike Correa. Besides, of course, of legendary DMers like Buzz, Bootloader, demonstration, Logaty and others. Even though we are brazilians, we also received a lot of help from legends as Logitech and Dowlik, who were essential to our growth at that time. Many wars marked this period, but we could highlight the epic freeroam war against K!LL3R$ in /stadium6 as our favorite moment.

As everything comes to an end (or at least, an end of a cycle, as confirmed after our return), our members started being busy in 2015 with life subjects, studies and work. We would still log in sometimes to remember the old times though. In 2020, with the clan still inactive, Frankensteiin got in touch with the proposal of coming back with a merge between TCF and the former legendary (and TCF's rival in 2012-2014) group The BrotherHood (remaining members). After everything we've been through together, we've decided to came back to life with a brand new presentation, including some old and new faces.

As Arthur Schopenhauer would say: True and genuine friendship presupposes an intense, purely objective and completely disinterested participation in the destiny of others; participation, which in turn, means identifying ourselves with our friends. That's what we are. These are our colors. And that's why we call ourselves The Crazy Family 8) .

This is the first thing you should keep in mind being in our beloved Crazy Family: It doesn't matter if you are famous, if you are an excellent DM-er, if you are an administrator, or what the hell you want (or think) to be. The only thing that we really care about here is people with straight morals and a solid reputation — not just in the game, but essentially in social life.

It is more than obvious that we do not accept 'leftovers' or 'crumbs': group hoppers, guys involved in constant cheating or hostilities (immature, hackers, spammers, any kind of this sh*t), any trace of narcissism or sociopathy will not even be welcome to be near our base. Yes, this is a complement to our first point.

The way you act (especially when you are not under our eyes) is decisive for the way we will treat you. Only a few countries in the world there is such a receptive and playful people as Brazilians (without false modesty — Brazilians are the majority in our group). Therefore, to really annoy us, you should certainly be a lousy human being.

We love to make fun mostly of the time, this is the main reason to be active yet. No one here has any kind of patience to be stress about a game that should be all about fun — so don't come with any bullshit on our faces. Get in our spirit and have fun too, your experience will be better in our gameplay. We love players with an extraordinary personality, even though he doesn't have much skill with weapons. Talent in a game can be developed, a person with a moral deviation never. A valuable lesson learned here.

Chronus lives in the city of former  ̶c̶o̶r̶r̶u̶p̶t̶  Brazilian president Lula; Tr0y sold away our group in 2012 to achieve VIP status; Mateus lives in the middle of Amazon jungle just like Tarzan; Spectra and Ander are FAVELADOS; Bootloader was a futuristic robot with psychotic features; Doneew is part of TORCIDA IMPÉRIO ALVIVERDE (the largest in Brazil); Tommy273 is the most random player in the history of the UIF; MAIS DE DOIS MIL NEGO NA LIVE MEU!!; Dorexx, Zombie and Cuntry Bumpkin are our Mascotts ad eternum (and do not to ask ourselves why) .

Our rules are still *basicly* the very same:

Not get any kind of heat/trouble to our group with any of our own, ally, forum member or administrator (server rules, specifically).

We never allows players with double accounts. If you are not happy with us, go back to your mother's womb and be happy again, as long as you are away from us.

We allow aid from allies in our gwars/gzs, just let everything clear, so that we can differentiate it from the previous item.

Do not asslick the leaders for get level, and don't beg for level either.

After applying once and gets denied, you have to wait  at least 2 weeks before apply again. If you see a tag [PD] in your application topic, it means you won't be able to apply again.

Every forum member that removed our userbar/logo from signature, will be removed from the forum member list without any remorse or consent. If you did it, and got removed, you have just one more chance (and if you screw it up again, consider yourself PD).

Our group is an established monarchy. Obey your superiors, and especially the oldest players in TCF (which is not necessarily related to in-game level). Your reputation might get tainted if you don't.

We live in the Zombotech Corporation, a large semi-enterable office tower in Downtown, San Fierro.

Achieved in 12 September 2014.

Achieved in 15 May 2020.
Due to an extensive inactivity in the group's activities, our second million in the gscore only poped up this year. A special thanks to the commitment of all the new and old comrades.

Achieved in 24 June 2020.

Achieved in 17 September 2020.

Achieved in 23 October 2020.

Achieved in 11 November 2020.

Achieved in 27 November 2020.

Achieved in 13 December 2020.

Achieved in 12 January 2021.

Achieved in 31 January 2021.

Achieved in 2 April 2021.

Achieved in 23 June 2021.

Achieved in 05 September 2021.

We are currently TOP 5 in UIF Server!

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