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Author Topic: UIF - Community Interviews  (Read 2316 times)

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UIF - Community Interviews
« on: December 08, 2020, 05:09:31 PM »

Hello everyone, We've decided to start an interview series of UIF players with the purpose of providing you an entertainment along with the opportunity to get to know about the popular players in UIF. In this interview series we mainly focus on popular and admired players in UIF. This doesn't mean that only admins and /top players are gonna get interviewed, we are giving our full attention to the whole community. We are looking forward to give a motivation to the UIF community by sharing UIF's most inspirational and admirable stories to you.

The main priority of the interviews has given to the time interviewees spent in UIF and we are not focusing much on their real lives as it's confidential. We are not forcing anyone for interviewing and it's all up to you whether you participate or not. After an interview has done, we'll elicit the conversation and publish it to you in this board. We will be posting only one interview per a week, so each week we will come up with a new interview. Finally, We are adding few guidelines to this board in order to do this interview series in a proper manner.

1. You are required to follow the forum rules, any violations of the forum rules will be reported.

2. You are allowed to provide your feed backs/comments about the interviews without objectifying anyone.

3. Bringing up unnecessary conversations is not allowed. Any irrelevant comments we find will be removed immediately.
All suggestions/proposals & inquiries regarding the interviews and interviewees can be directed to me or Snipez[NC] via forum and discord.


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