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Author Topic: Interview - VEGETA99999  (Read 617 times)

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Interview - VEGETA99999
« on: April 06, 2021, 07:04:42 PM »

Interview with - UIF Admin VEGETA99999

Thanks for reading, have a great day everyone!

Hello Vegeta, thanks for joining with us today. How you doing?

Hi :3 , all good B)

Give us a little introduction about yourself;

I am [Tu]vegeta99999 ,if you play uif am sure u saw me around :3 i spend most of the time in /jz  to chat with other people or maybe make some fun out of them xd

When and how did you joined the UIF server?

I joined UIF from 2012 or 2011/ but I joined UIF forum in 2013
I used to play other servers (which I was searching for the most popular servers with most players in)
So I found uif in the Hosted servers and I joined there :p

What was your first impression about UIF?

It was a really interisting server full of many fun things to spend Hours in ! and enjoy your time
tho the admins was really annoying back then xD but yea i joined UIF Defeintaly for the Fun
but the most important reason why i joined UIF is, because UIF allows you to install any anims/mods and use them without getting banned or reported or anything like that
Allowing Anims in UIF is one of the BEST feature in uif that other servers dont have

How did you spend your time on UIF at the time you joined?

you mean like Tmp ? :`D
well most of the time I was flying like a bird in the freeroam :D
and of course I tested every single hack i see in google xD
and yea my cousine was there to play around :3
well that's how I spent much of the time :P in /DM and /fall and a bit of /derby

Do you have any previous names other than Vegeta?

no :p Vegeta99999  was my first account name but i lost the password xD its been years <.>
and they don't reset your password for free e.e  so i made [Tu]vegeta99999  (The Tu wasn't my tag at the beginning tho)

Tell us about your history with UIF groups;

Dang, I joined almost every single big group in uif :p
but my first ever joined group was named   xd
and players who joined htis group MOST ! use the skin of the blue gank otherwise NO JOIN ! >:(
I joined LV: the yellow group color where there was more than 50 active and online player in it !
We used to ruine the places B) Yeaaaaaa

And then just like every group it dies by time :c

I joined SoA (sons of anarachy)
It was super strong back then
but by time AGAIN it dies
I used to take 10/10 zones alone
But again i give up because taking zones alone is too boring
"Whats the point of the group if you are alone :`)"

I joined MC (Nela was admin lvl 7 back then)
she was the owner of the MC and she invited me and i stayed in MC for very long time
but AGAIN ! >:(  it died by time :`)

but i stayed in MC for very very long time.

I joined T$  which it was MC allise but yea also didn't last for too long and it died by time

I joined BMW / Nm / Drunks...
so basiclly I was in every big group in uif :`D

in 2020 I joined Sg i got an invite from a very old player from T$ which is now admin Stryke :`D
and then I joined Sg and stayed in Sg for long as well and then left for some rules conflicts :3

and now I am in Tu  <3  which is my OWN ! group this Tu I made long time ago but I left and now I re made it <.>

till this day am in Tu, (its dead most of the time xd) but yea at less I am active in there :3

I can still leave Tu, and join other groups, but am not going to do this till I assure I will be active again in UIF
(am a bit busy this days <.> making derby maps / and making my own pc/mobile games as my work)

You are now an administrator of the server. When did you became an admin for the first time? and what was your impression when that happened?

This happened when I was in Soa back in 2015 I guess, my friend bought me and my friend Admins stats (which was for only 1 month back then)
so I became an admin for the first time :D
the impression was soo cool but back then i always have something in my mind which is (this will not last forever, actually its just 1 month so daheck is the point of being admin for 1 month only...)
oh well but I was happy with/without admin stats <3

A question that lots of people ask is, How you created Vegeta animations. Tell us the story behind the 'Vegeta anims' ;

This is a very old story, I feel like I am grandpa now e.e
back in 2013/2014
the first animation creatores in UIF was called Teoane
he was Very friendly person and always helpes people and the most important thing HE MAKE ANIMS !
so i saw his anims and i was like WTF ! O.O
btw that was my very first time i see a new animation used in UIF xd
and the animation he was using is the anim which makes you shake your body (L+4 in my anims)
so just like every tmp i went to punch him xd
and then with a lile chat i understand him well and he was a very open person
like he was ready to gives you anything you want and teach you anything he knows for free :D
so i asked him how he managed to make anims/ what softwares/ what coding language...etc
and he was happy to help me
any day by day i managed to understand how everything works in (Sanny builder language)
and i made my very first stupid anim (it was a dead body in the car :`D)
from there i started to make my own anims and use them around in UIF most of the time in /jz
and everytime saw the anims he asks me (HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW !)
my answer always was (add me on skype and i will send you it)
skype back then was more popualr than discord <.>
and day by day Teoane started to be inactive, till he Vanished ! from uif
but i was in contact with him on skype chat, and i remember asking him if its ok to share my anims with other people (since he was the one who rule the anims thing)
his answer was (of course you can, thos are your anims not mine, you made them) <<< or something like that :p its been years
and so on my jurny in making anims has started and people started to get sad in (i dont have skype please send me them :c)
till one day i thougt ill just make a google site (for free) and uplaod all my anims there and start to upload them and make people downlaod them from there
everything was for free of course, my goal was to make anims in UIF for FUN and for Free !
again day by day my ability in creating animations got better and better, and i managed to make my own custom anims
or even mix 2 anims to come up with something new
and mix codes as well
Till this days, (including making mods)

We've seen you created short movies and more videos in UIF. According to your experiences, what's the best video you've done so far in UIF?

honestly every video i made in UIF was great ! nothing was bad, but the Most one that i like which took soo much planning and efforts in editing and calling more than 50 player on time was

It takes HUGE ! efforts to edit that video and HUGE ! amont of time (it took me making it around a month)
not to mention the ANNOYING ! >:( people who keeps ramming me while recording xD
i remember Rambo was there for HELP ! <3 and other admins :3
and some admins joined the video as well :D

What's the best memory you had in UIF? Would you like to share the story with us?

Honestly i had many MANY awesome memories in UIF from making anims to hacking to helping others to making new friends to making new Girl friends :`D to contacting admins to help other people to first itme i get VIP to first time i get admin
to first time i see Europe and of course liek every tmp around i punched him and then i took a picture xD(this happend when Europe came to uif to test the new elevator addined in the map)
to my dreams to make anims to MAAAANY things so its really hard to tell you one single story and ignore the rest,
so basicly i have soo much fun in uif till this day there is always a good memories to have

Do you regret something that you've done in UIF?

I regret on not practicing on 2shoots and cbug back then xp
I always called people who know this bugs FREAKS !
I thought it was a very hard thing to do
So yea practicing anything makes perfect, doesn't matter what that thing is :3

Besides GTA-SAMP, do you play any other games?

Yes I spent 7 years in a game called "Dungeon defenders 2" on steam
And I played Dota2/HON/LOL/Mincecraft (i love building <3)/portal knights(again i love building <3)/Raft (also spent aroud 1 year on it)
And I played all kind of new and old games
So basically I'm a gamer who played everything <.>

When it comes to real life, Do you have any special talents? and what are your hobbies?

I play Guitar/ I love to explore new things/ and in 2021 I became a game developer and soon I will release my own Comedy/Action/Fub game to Steam :3

"TV series & Movies" What do you prefer the most? And what are the best shows you've watched so far?

Movies/Shows: almost every good movie that get popular and even old one
but i love the comedy and story movies & shows
like SherlockHolmes show/movie
and i love the weird Horror movies as well like Conjuring (if i said the name right <.>)
but in general i watch everything popular :3

Who's your favorite celebrity? and why?

I cant tell one name because there is a lot of celebrities that i like
but the very favorite one is Jim carry
I think the reason is obvious, he is very funny and he made a very helirouse movies
and even in his drama movies he still good there

There've been a monthly island competitions last year and we've seen you dominating the competition with your fantastic islands. How long does it take usually for you to build an island?

yea i love building things <3
it takes me around 1-2 weeks to build an island, it depends on how hard and detailed the island are
here is my islands list so far if you want to check any <3:
Abandoned town #826
Bikes Stunts #117
Night Club #928
UIF Got talent #364
Jizzy 2021 #555
Amusement town #2221
Tropicla island #828
Krusty Krabs #222
Christmas house #143

As a professional island builder, would you like to give some tips/advices for the island builders of the community?

-use your imagenation, if you dont have one, then just copy the reality or anything you see in the real world
and paste it in UIF islands, how hard can that be ? you have all the tools and objects to bring anything in the real world to UIF islands

-use copy paste commands to save time (/badd /bcopy /broot /brem /bmove...etc)

-be patient, it takes time

We've seen you hosting parties, special events, vip giveaways and many more events. Will there be more of that in near future? and are you happy of the events you've hosted so far?

Sure <3
yea in the future i am planning to make a hard pc game
and winners of that game will get Vip in UIF or In-game money prize

the other plan is to make a traps island like my island (bikes stunts #117) and the winners will get vip or money prize

Final question, People are saying that you are in love with potato's. What would you say about that?


All suggestions/proposals & inquiries regarding the interviews and interviewees can be directed to Agasthra or Snipez[NC] via forum and discord.


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2021, 07:06:40 PM »

I hate poteto but nice interview D:
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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2021, 08:56:32 PM »

Potatooooo great interview!

Make sure to send a link to ur steam game when u release it.  :)

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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2021, 02:42:50 AM »

when u open in-game I need ma priza, nice interview potatooooooooo


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2021, 03:51:33 AM »

Talented guy, but I still hungry for burger map.


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2021, 07:20:00 PM »

I hate poteto but nice interview D:
e.e u BAD ! e.e POTATO IS GOOD ! e.e
Potatooooo great interview!
Make sure to send a link to ur steam game when u release it.  :)
Thank you :3  ,Sure ! <3 ill make video on my youtube channel about it when its released <3
when u open in-game I need ma priza, nice interview potatooooooooo
thx :3 ,Sure xp
Talented guy, but I still hungry for burger map.
Thank you <3 ,sure why not xd ill see what i can do :3


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2021, 12:41:46 PM »

nice interview
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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #7 on: April 09, 2021, 03:02:07 PM »

Nice interview!


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #8 on: April 09, 2021, 06:00:27 PM »

Aye vegeta :3 Amazing interview :D
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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #9 on: April 11, 2021, 02:00:54 PM »

Potatooooo!!! nice interview hahaa but i wanna know is how do you make your islands doesnt expire aftrr 14 days cuz like theres so many do you just have an alarm on your phone to login to each  account that owns an island ?


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2021, 09:06:39 PM »

Hi vegeta,nice interview,and have a good day :)


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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #11 on: April 16, 2021, 02:48:50 PM »

PATEETOOO! Delicious interview  :D

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Re: Interview - VEGETA99999
« Reply #12 on: April 19, 2021, 06:25:54 AM »

Interesting interview. I like it

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