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Author Topic: Ban appeal  (Read 451 times)

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Ban appeal
« on: November 25, 2021, 04:23:57 PM »

- Account Name: vintage))

- Account ID: 38458

- Ban Reason: Hostile

- Motivation: Hello, I already discussed my ban and motivation with one of the admins and explained everything to him but for those who are not informed:

It's been a couple of months since I got banned (07.07.2021.) together with the whole btd UIF group. As I'm no more member of this group/clan, I'd like to ask you to reconsider my case. I previously mentioned this and i'll repeat it again, I had no intentions to harm the server in any way, on the contrary.. My goal was simple, to bring some fun and competition in terms of deathmatch, for that purpose we started btd group in UIF. Unlike most of the group's members, I'm a regular member of this community/server and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Ban appeal
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2021, 12:02:57 PM »

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