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Author Topic: Migration to Discord  (Read 6607 times)

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Migration to Discord
« on: January 24, 2022, 10:13:01 PM »

Henceforth, UIF forums is set as Read-Only and will no longer be used. Everything related to both public and the staff have already been moved to discord as a result of a migration plan devised a few months ago, the last phase of which finished today with migration of unban requests into discord as well.

The purpose of this is to provide the community members a single, undivided and centralized platform to interact with each other, and to achieve higher levels of efficiency with many administrative procedures, which will benefit the entire community as a whole.

In regards to groups, it has been decided that any group can apply for a channel of their own in UIF discord, as long as they are in top 10 in group rankings in-game. The eligible ones who wish apply for a group channel can DM me (@Azureus#1169) on discord for more information.

Invite Link: www.uifserver.net/discord
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